The Official High School Auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party


Our Mission

The mission of the NCATD is to promote the interests of high school students and teenagers through activism and volunteering within the Democratic Party. This mission is accomplished through six core goals, as laid out in our Plan of Organization:

  1. increase youth participation

  2. inspire civil discourse among youtH

  3. aid members as future American leaders through engagement in professional development

  4. promote elected officials and nominees of the Democratic Party through campaign volunteerinG

  5. sEveRe local, state, national, and international communities through philanthropic involvement

  6. Promote Democratic Party ideals through activism and lobbying of government officials

Our Affiliations

The NCATD is recognized as the high school and teenage adjunct of the Young Democrats of North Carolina, the high school and teenage partner of the College Democrats of North Carolina, and the high school and teenage auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Our Structure

The statewide leadership of the NCATD consists of an Executive Board. NCATD is under High School Democrats of America.